The beaver pond

Part 3

December 3, 2011, the snow has melted and the beaver pond is full.  Below is a picture of the western side of the beaver pond.  There are two houses on this side of the pond.  The older house is hidden by grass, but the new house is visible.

Below is a digital close up of the new house.

This is the beaver dam as seen from about half way between the ends of the pond.  On the left and in the shadow is the eastern beaver house.

This is the eastern beaver house seen from the west.

A closer view.  Unlike the other two houses, this one is covered by mud.

A view of the beaver house from the east.  On the left is the place where the earlier pictures of the dam were taken.

The back door!

The beaver dam.  The white streak is a contrail.  Even in the wilderness, there are contrails!

Closer looks at the beaver dam.  The pond is quite full.

The beaver dam from below the dam.  The first two beaver houses are on the left, but hidden by the shore.  The eastern house is on the right and off-screen.

Some water is passing through and over the dam.

The beaver dam, as seen from the eastern beaver house.