I have a fascination with big things.  I like looking at trains because of their size.  Locomotives are the largest thing you will ever see in our rural community, except boulders.  Some boulders are as big as dinosaurs.  I wish that I could see a dinosaur, but they only exist in the movies.  Also, the winter of 2009-2010 has been very dry, with little snow.  Boulders are about the only thing worth photographing.

These are the first boulders that you see on the eastern side.  The brush is very thick and obscures some of the boulders.  These boulders are the size of a small house.  The brush is not as thick on the other side of these boulders, but it is sometimes still difficult to stand in a position that offers a good picture.  Also, the sun is low in the sky even at noon.

The next set of pictures is a nearly round boulder that is just sitting there.  It is obvious that this is not ledge, but a large stone that was just dropped there.  The boulder is some ten to twelve feet high.  It is remarkable.

The next few pictures are another boulder next to the round one.  It has the same height, but it is about ten times as big.  It is the size of a small house.

These are some pictures of a fractured boulder.  I wonder how it got broken.  Did it fall through the glacier that carried it here?  Or was it fractured by water seeping into cracks and then freezing?

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures!  Spring is coming and I will photograph melting snow, blooming flowers and budding trees.  Maybe I can even photo some wildlife!  In the summer, I will get some photos of clouds, as well as summer flowers.