This is a boulder near the top of a hill.  Next to the boulder are the remains of another boulder that was cut into small pieces and carrier to the nearby road or railroad to be sold.  The granite may have been used for the foundation of a home or the wall of a large building.


Notice the size of the hole where the pieces of granite remain.  Considering that there is snow and leaves accumulation of over a hundred years, it can be seen how deep the stone rested in the ground.







This picture is of a boulder found half way from the top of a nearby hill.  Near the top of the stone are marks left by quarry cutting.  At the bottom of the picture is the piece of granite that was cut from the boulder.  There are cutting marks on the piece near the bottom of the picture indicating that this was not the first cut from the boulder.  Considering that this boulder is over a quarter mile from the nearest road or railroad, it would have been a monumental task to bring the granite to a location where it could be sold.  The operator probably gave up and never tried to remove the rest of the stone.  One can only wonder how many boulders were successfully quarried and removed.  There are other boulders in the vicinity that have quarry marks.