I have a fascination with big things.  I like looking at trains because of their size.  Locomotives are the largest thing you will ever see in our rural community, except boulders.  Some boulders are as big as dinosaurs.  I wish that I could see a dinosaur, but they only exist in the movies.  Also, the winter of 2009-2010 has been very dry, with little snow.  Boulders are about the only thing worth photographing.

On the western side are more interesting boulders.  These are even larger than the first set.  The series of boulders actually hold soil and almost form a terrace.  The picture below was taken from the top of the boulders and look down upon small white pine trees.

The two pictures below are a small brook at the base of the boulders.  There is a thin layer of ice and a dusting of snow on the ice.  On the second photo, right near the center, the brook goes back under the snow.  You can see animal tracks going right to the edge of the ice.  I did not notice the tracks until I looked at the picture, so I cannot identify them.  I suspect a small animal, like a rabbit.

A close-up of the animal tracks.

This is a large boulder near the top of the hill.  The ground is steep, as noted by the angle of the tree to the ground.  This picture was taken at about 1:00 PM, and I still have long shadows.

More boulders!

Here are two boulders against each other.  Notice the large trees growing between some of the boulders. 


This is a small cave created between the boulders.  It was too dark for me to see what was inside, let alone capture it in a photograph.  I did not see any animal tracks near the entrance, thus it is either vacant, or the creature is hibernating.  Maybe it is the neighborhood bear?

This is the other side of the two boulders that form the cave.  Notice the trees growing between the boulders.

More boulders that are just piled upon each other.

The size of these boulders just fascinates me!

The next picture is a view of the same boulder as above.  Notice the tree growing on top of the boulder.  Do the roots go into cracks in the stone, or do they spread on the surface of the stone.  If so, then the tree will blow over when it encounters a strong wind.  I have seen that happen before!

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures!  Spring is coming and I will photograph melting snow, blooming flowers and budding trees.  Maybe I can even photo some wildlife!  In the summer, I will get some photos of clouds, as well as summer flowers.