Down the Brook

Part 2 - Summer

This is the brook in summer.  The surface of the water has a thin film of pollen from the trees.

Moving down the brook, it looks more like a pond.

This is where some of the pond-creators live.  More of them live near the dam.

As we approach the dam, we see the Great Blue Herron.  It flew away when it saw me.

This is the view of the pond looking back.  The beaver house is barely visible. 

Another view.

As I approached the beaver dam, the family of geese decided to depart.  See the wildlife section for more pictures.

The construction of the dam is flimsy.  A tree is down about half way across the dam.

Another view.  The tree is visible again.  It is half way across.

Looking back at the pond.  The white area near the center of the picture is the family of geese.

As I returned to my starting point, I took a few more pictures.

I went back a week later and took some pictures of some flowers.

Here are a few more pictures taken June 23

It is July 21 and the water level continues to drop.  There are hundreds of white flowers throughout the swamp.

The beaver house, across the swamp, is high above the water level.

Here is a telephoto view of the beaver house.

From across the pond, the beaver house can still be seen hidden by the high grass.

The following pictures were taken on August 10.  The water level continues to drop as the summer proceeds.  There has been virtually no rain in months.  I cannot remember a drought this bad!  This is a view of the swamp.  Right in the center of the picture is a Great Blue Herron, but it is barely visible.

Another picture showing the beaver house across the swamp.

A view from the bridge.

Some telephoto views of the beaver house.  Notice the Great Blue Heron to the left.

These pictures were taken August 20 and 21.  The brook is at its lowest point.  As these pictures are being put onto this page, August 22, it is raining.  Soon the water levels will start rising.

The water is about an inch deep.  Compare this to the March photos.

The beaver house is nearly completely exposed.  Beaver are not fish and need air.  Most of the beaver house is always above water level, with only the entrance(s) below water.

This stone wall was built before the beaver dam.  It may actually have been built by Indians!  It has not been visible for a long time.

This is the beaver dam seen from across the pond.

This is the pond seen from the dam.  One beaver house is to the right.  The beaver house seen above is across the pond and to the left.

This is the beaver dam.  Normally, the water is flowing over the top.