Color is a reward that is endowed to humans.  Most animals do not see color.  Even if they could, would they enjoy a sunset, or the colors of a flower in bloom?  In most of my pictures, there is color.  Even in my pictures of boulders, there is color from lichen, moss, leaves, and the stone itself.  But, the most vivid colors come from flowers.  Usually, flowers do not appear till May, but to my surprise, I found flowers in full bloom on March 20.  I do not recognize these as wildflowers, and they were growing next to somebody's mailbox.  I took a couple of quick pictures.

It is now April 10 and more flowers are appearing.  The red tree in the background is maple.

These flowers were almost in Snake Meadow Brook.

I love dandelions!  That's why I never mow my lawn.

Ultimately, the flower disappears, replaced by this.

This doesn't have much color, but it still looks pretty.

These little flowers appear every May.  They are small and delicate.  Some of the flowers are solid white and others have a tinge of blue.

This is a close up of a few flowers.  Notice the delicate fern that is even smaller and more delicate.

One of my favorite harbingers of spring is the violet.  I took scores of pictures of violets.  I posted the best of my pictures.

And here is a blanket of white, purple, yellow, and green.  It is truly spring!