Part 10

It is the first week of June and every day, there is a new flower to photograph.  I found these on the bank of the beaver pond.  I could not get a close up without going for a swim.  This was photographed on May 31 when smoke from a fire in Montreal put a haze over everything.

I found a bright red flower, and then a similar yellow flower.  The petals have a strange cut at each end.  The ugly red thing coming out the side is a blossom yet to bloom.

Here is conglomeration of flowers.  You can see a strawberry blossom, a clover, and some of these yellow flowers.  At first glance, they look like dandelions, but the stems are much longer and the leaves are different.

There may be a third color.  If so, it will be posted on the next page.

The flower below was growing wild, but I suspect that it is a cultivated flower.  Each day it seemed to change with new buds coming forth.

This is another yellow flower.

I think these are cow-peas.  At least, that's what they called them when I was young!

This is a strange flower.  It looks a little like yellow clover.

This is such a tiny flower.  I tried for weeks to get a good picture.  In some cases, I stopped for five or ten minutes, and I could not get my camera to focus.  Finally, I got some good pictures!

And this flower is even smaller!