Part 11

June 5 was a bad weather day.  There had been thunderstorms during the night and when I left for my weekly walk into town, it was overcast and almost raining.  I was afraid that most flowers would be closed.  As I stood on the railroad grade, the clouds suddenly broke and the sun shone bright.  I quickly grabbed a picture from the grade.

I walked back to the railroad tracks.  Some of the flowers were closed, but I found one that was open.  A bumble bee was also interested in the flower.

I managed to shoo away the bee.

Then, I found a flower in stages of bloom.  At first, they were small green orbs.

Then, they turned white.

And then, they blossomed!

As I walked, I noticed a stem with some small blue spots.  I took and close look and discovered this beautiful little flower.

I found a bud that had not yet matured.

I left the train tracks and went down the abandoned trolley line.  I found another flower is stages of bloom.

Eventually, I reached the railroad tracks.  I found this blue flower.  It reminded me of the red and yellow flowers on the previous page because of the ripple at the end of each petal.

I went to the entrance of the town beach.  Some of these flowers are cultured.

I went into the woods and found this strange plant.  I did not have the patience to take a lot of photos because of the many insects, including mosquitoes.

After leaving the woods, I crossed an open field and saw these cow peas.

I passed the entrance to a driveway and found these flowers.

More to come next week!