Part 13

The road to town

June 12 was the visit to town when I took these pictures.  It was mostly overcast, but the sun broke through from time to time.  My first stop was the school.

Then I stopped outside the Catholic Church.  I had taken pictures of these flowers before, but they have grown.

Then I followed the railroad tracks, where there are often strange and exotic flowers.  I have photographed this flower before, but it is just so beautiful.

Something about me is that I look for beauty everywhere.  The next few pictures are ugly weeds, but I found beauty in them.  So it is with people.

Then I came upon a very unusual flower.  At first, I just passed by them, but then when I looked closely, I realized great beauty in these buds that are yet to bloom.  I puzzled over them until I was almost finished with my walk.

I found a flower that I had photographed last week.  The delicate beauty still fascinates me.

This is the whole plant.  Notice the railroad tracks in the background.

There was another plant next to the one I had photographed.

As I walked down the track, I noticed a very small plant beside the tracks.

I left the railroad and followed the abandoned trolley tracks.

I saw some grass that had gone to seed, waiting for a gust of wind to carry the seeds to their fate.  The color is intriguing.

And still more flowers along the trail.

This is a puzzling little flower.

As I entered the town lake, I found another weed.

But the blossoms are so beautiful!

Back at the tracks, I found another flower.

I crossed the road and this was growing beside the brook.

I followed the road into the Village and prepared to go into the woods.  These blossoms were growing from a bush in front of somebody's house.

I entered the woods and found this little flower growing in the wild.  I tried so hard to photograph this in the past and this time, I had no trouble.

Again, I was amazed by grass.

Then, I found more of these strange orbs.

Then I discovered a blossom.  It is thistle.

Just before returning home, I took some pictures of flowers in a driveway.  It was raining as I took these pictures.

I found this strange flower.  Maybe I should have put it into "My Visit to Another Planet."

More beautiful flowers.