Flora 2

Color is a reward that is endowed to humans.  Most animals do not see color.  Even if they could, would they enjoy a sunset, or the colors of a flower in bloom? 

There is a tiny purple flower.  Notice the delicate fern behind it.

Roses, on the vine, are also something to cherish.

The next three photographs are something that most people overlook, ignore, or step on.  They are the blossoms from blackberries.

And here are the strawberries.

This is a small, delicate, yellow flower.

These are blueberry flowers.  Each flower will become a blueberry.

White blossoms on trees can be so beautiful.  Below are three different types.

This is a choke cherry blossom.

Fern can be very interesting.  There is the small fern that is so delicate.

And the large fern that literally unwinds.