Part 21

The road to town

July 3, the trip into town was disappointing.  Many of the flowers that I had photographed previously were gone.  Even the raspberries were small and shriveled.  But I did find some new flowers that I will share.

There was nothing near the school, so I moved on to the Catholic Church.  I found a shrub with some blossoms.

I moved on to the old railroad grade.  I saw some timothy that had gone to seed.

I ventured to the bird sanctuary.  I found some fungus growing.  I think they call these Indian pipes.

There was nothing growing beside the railroad tracks, but I found these on the opposite side of the road.

I moved on to the trolley line and found these small and delicate flowers.  This was mid morning and the sun had not yet risen above the trees.

At the entrance to the town beach, I found a number of colorful flowers.

I found a few flowers near the entrance to somebody's driveway.