Part 22

On July 6, I had to bring a package to the Post Office.  I went through the woods as much as possible.  I saw this cluster of tiny flowers.

Then I found this small flower.

After leaving the Post Office, I walked past a vacant lot and saw some cultured flowers growing between the wall and the road.  It had been very hot for the past three days and the flowers were beginning to wilt.

I went down the trolley line and saw a wild rose.  It was slightly wilted.

Then I saw this cluster of small flowers.

At home, I saw that this flower had finally blossomed.  I had photographed it in the spring, then early summer, and now it is mature.

Here is another picture from the beaver pond.

On July 11, I got some pictures of cultured flowers.  They are different varieties of day lilies.

Earlier this year, I showed some flowers on blackberry vines.  Here are the blackberries.  Note that blackberries are not black until they are ripe.