Part 23

I look for beauty everywhere.  Yes, I look for it in wildflowers.  I look for it in cultured flowers.  But, I also look for beauty in weeds and in utilitarian flowers.  Below is a blossom from a squash.  There is a sadness to this picture.  Despite my effort to chase away the woodchuck, (It was suggested that I put some ground pepper on the leaves.) the woodchuck ate the leaves and left only the blossom.  It was so pathetic, when the next morning, only the blossom was left in a futile effort to produce fruit.

The next two blossoms are tomato blossoms.  They are so tiny that few people actually take a close look at the intricate design and subtle beauty.

This is a pumpkin flower.  It is so sad that this flower is all that is left of the plant.  All of the leaves, except one, were eaten by the woodchuck!