Part 25

The road to town

July 31 was a beautiful day, but there is an ongoing draught and the area where I walk has not had rain in over a month.

This flower has been in abundance.  The entire flower is just a few inches and the blossoms are very small.  I will get more pictures.

I found these yellow flowers near the tracks.  There are so many different yellow flowers that it is hard to keep track of them.

I think that I photographed these before, but they are just so beautiful and tiny.

This is a side-view of a touch-me-not.  I will have more pictures later.

Right near the town beach, I found these growing right beside the tracks.  They probably did not use as much herbicide.

Here are some grapes next to the tracks and just at the entrance to the town beach.  I would not eat them because of possible herbicide.

These flowers were on the other side of the roadl.

When I went into the woods on the last leg of my trip, I saw these golden rods.  They are so pretty.

I found this tiny bouquet in the woods. 

As I came out of the woods, I saw this marsh.  I wanted to get some photos of the cat-tails, but the entire picture is so beautiful, I decided to show the entire scene.

And, here is a cat-tail.