Part 27

The road to town

August 7, 2010 has only a few new flowers.  Fruit is ripening and that makes for interesting pictures.  The flowers below are everywhere.  From a distance, they look like one white blob, but close, many small blossoms can be seen.

In this picture, they are apparently going to seed.

And, here is goldenrod.  From a distance, they are just yellow masses on green stems, but the small flowers have great detail and intricate beauty.

This is a strange mass of strings and purple buds.  It is not a flower.

This plant has gone to seed.  Very strange.  I wish I had tracked it from bud to blossom to seed.

These are buds of some sort.

Here is some kind of fruit.  It looks tasty, but?

These are sumac seeds.  More to follow.

Another stingy mass, but this time it is white.

These are called inkberries.  When they are ripe, they look like blueberries.  I found some ripe ones, but the birds got them.

I have no idea what this block of seeds is.

And more sumac.

Here are some pictures of fungus growing from a rotting tree.  It looks like scrambled eggs.