Part 29

Flowers around the house and in the vicinity!

This is some fungi near the house.

These are all over the place.  It looks like one blossom, but upon closer examination, it is a cluster.

I love goldenrod.  It is so yellow and like the flower above, it is a cluster of small flowers.  Yes, I know it is a weed!

A tiny set of blossoms growing beside the road.

I love purple and blue.

Thistle!  Another weed.

I think this is a cultures flower.

A close-up of evening primrose just after sunrise.

Some cultured flowers near the primrose.

I found these near the beaver dam.

Is this a snowball?  No, it's fungi!

It reminds me of the full moon!

Another purple flower with yellow!

Inkberries when ripe.

A beautiful flower near the brook.

Some kind of berry.