Flora 3

Color is a reward that is endowed to humans.  Most animals do not see color.  Even if they could, would they enjoy a sunset, or the colors of a flower in bloom? 

One of the most unusual flower is the "Lady Slipper" which is a type of orchid.  I took a picture of a group just before they bloomed.

The next series of pictures were taken a few weeks later.


The lilac is a beautiful bush.  It comes in white and purple.

I had a bush outside my office window.  I remember opening my window first thing in the morning and having the aroma for the rest of the day.

Though not as colorful as the flowers, the Princess Pine is like a miniature pine tree.  It is green all year and has very small needles like pines.

Here are two different type of fern growing side by side.

This is a tiny flower with eight petals.

This is not a flower, but it is so bright!

The next two photos are the smallest flowers that I have ever seen.  They are about one-tenth of an inch across.

On another photograph of the same type flower, there is a tiny yellow insect.  Considering that the flower is one-tenth of an inch, the insect is about one-hundredth of an inch.