Part 6  The road to town

May 22, 2010.  I took my weekly walk into town.  It is great to take pictures because there are cultivated flowers, wild flowers, exotic flowers and wildlife.

It started with common clover.  This is a beautiful, but overlooked flower.

I got onto the old railroad grade and found these beautiful yellow flowers.

After a few hundred feet, I reached the Catholic Church.  I had photographed these flowers before, but they seemed larger and brighter.

I continued on the old railroad grade and eventually reached the bird sanctuary.  (How do the birds know that it is a sanctuary?  Can they read the sign?)  There were some very small intricate flowers along the trail.

I went back to the railroad tracks.  As I said earlier, this is a great place to find rare flowers.  I found two flowers that I have never seen before.  For the flower below, only one plant was found.

Then I found another unusual flower.  There were a few of these beside the track.

Across the road, in front of somebody's driveway is a pink hedge.

I went to the old trolley line and found more interesting flowers.

I think that the flowers below are absolutely beautiful.  I know that I have taken many pictures of this flower.

And then I found some wildlife.

Here is a close-up!

And then more flowers.

Another while blossom.

I almost stepped on this creature and its brood.  I have posted more pictures at Wildlife 5.

I finally returned to the railroad tracks.  I love clover.

And here is another strange flower.  It has green blossoms.

Another strange flower near the tracks.

I walked up one of the streets in the Village and in front of a boarded vacant lot were some flowers.

As I wondered who planted them, I got my answer.

I proceeded into the woods and found the smallest flower that I have ever seen.  It was very hard to photograph because it was too small for my camera to focus.

Other flowers in the forest.

I finally left the woods and walked through a school yard.  I found this red strange plant.