Native American artifacts on Millstone Hill

Millstone Hill has numerous cairns and rock piles.  This is only a sampling of the more interesting.  There is also a large, well-constructed stone wall which appears to be of Native American origin.  I will investigate the wall and dedicate a full page.

Below are several pictures of cairns.

Here are two pictures of the stone wall.  It is over three feet tall and four to five feet wide.  It seems to form a large triangle.  I will determine its direction to see if it is a giant pointer.  I will also examine the interior to see if anything important is inside.

More interesting rocks

Here is a stone wall.  There are three rocks sitting on a boulder.  Very strange!

Here is another stone wall with a large rock placed right in the middle.  This is a heavy rock!

Here is a large rock pile with a heavy rock in the center.

A small rock pile.

Another small rock pile.

Two stone walls with right angles on all sides!

A boulder with rocks piled on top.

Another rock pile.

This must be a recent rock pile.  The arrow is made of plastic!