The Old Railroad Grade

Part 2

On June 6, I went out to the railroad grade.  It was a murky morning with thundershowers during the night.  There were cumulus clouds and low overcast.  As I was standing near the arch bridge, the clouds suddenly broke and the sun shone bright.  Quickly, I grabbed this picture.

These pictures were taken the following week.  This is Stony Brook on the other side of the arch bridge from the beaver dam and apartment.  It was overcast when I took these pictures.

On July 10, I walked down the old railroad grade.  To the south of the grade, I looked at the swamp and it was purple.  I circled around the bird sanctuary and observed all the birds clinging to the safety of this area.  Then I took some photos.

Near the center of this picture is the top of the beaver apartment.

This picture was taken from between trees.  They were cut from the photo.

These pictures were taken from just beside the arch bridge.

I took these a week later on July 17.  It was less hazy.

On these two occasions, I took some sixty or seventy pictures.  I have a hard time picking the best pictures.

Every so often, the view of the railroad tracks, as I follow the old railroad grade, catches my interest.  This picture was taken in the morning, before the sun was high in the sky.

This picture was taken an hour later closer to the Village.

August 21, near the end of the drought, the brook was almost stagnant.  There were some ducks swimming near the center of the picture.  I have close-ups in the wildlife section.