Pedestal Stone in Snake Meadow

There are a number of large boulders in a field.  I have posted pictures of some of them earlier in this series.  I decided to get some additional pictures of the pedestal stone.  There are two of them side-by-side.  I selected the larger and more interesting stone.  This stone is about ten feet tall.  I can only wonder how they lifted it.  In order to use a lever, the lever must be strong enough to carry the weight, but light enough to be managed.  I have puzzled over this and suggest that several levers were used with several men on each lever.  It must have taken at least ten men to do this.  I am baffled!  Sometime, I will get a tape measure and measure the exact size, then calculate the volume and weight.  I estimate five to ten tons!

Notice the vein of quartz!

Did the base split before or after mounting the stone?

I will get some better pictures in the future!

The weight of this boulder has been puzzling me. 

The formula for volume is: (4/3) * pi * radius ^3

Assuming a radius of 4 feet, that makes 268 cubic feet.

The density of granite is 165 pounds per cubic foot.

That comes to 22 tons!

Since the radius is probably more than 4 feet, this stone is very heavy.

(Sorry that I did not use metric, but ...........)

OK.  OK., It's 20 metric tons!