The Pond

The pond is a favorite place for me.  I have pictures of it in Sunrise after snow storm.  I will get pictures during the various times of the year.  I think that it is most beautiful during the spring, but it also looks very good during the fall, when the leaves change color.

This is the pond at sunrise.  The ice is still frozen.  The green color is chlorophyll that leached into the pond from surrounding trees and vegetation.

This picture was taken in the afternoon.  The ice has not melted, but is below a layer of water.  Again, the green tint is chlorophyll.

This picture was taken in the morning a week later.

And this was taken later in the morning.

The pond is constantly changing.  I will take more photos in the spring when the trees start budding and the color is brilliant.

This is a picture of the pond taken on March 15, 2010.  This was near the end of a storm that dumped about 9 inches of rain.  The pond is overflowing.  The place where I stood to take the previous pictures is a foot below the water.

This is the pond two days later.  It is like a mirror!  Unfortunately, I could not get close enough to eliminate the brush.  The spot where I took the previous pictures is under water.

Springtime is extraordinarily beautiful.  I could not decide which picture to post, so I posted two pictures.  In the first, the sky is slightly overcast and in the second, it is sunny.  On the second picture, there is pollen on the surface of the water.