Native American artifacts found on Snake Meadow Brook

Snake Meadow Brook continues to be extraordinarily beautiful as it flows through the woods.  The Native Americans found caves and stone structures in great abundance.  I have included pictures of two types of waterfalls.  In the more common waterfalls, the water goes over the rocks.  In some of the waterfalls, the water goes under the stones and gushes out the other side from underneath.  On occasions, I have seen vortexes as the water flows through the stones.  I have included pictures of the brook to show how attractive this site can be.

This is the opening of a small cave.  There are cairns, rock piles and stone walls in this area.

The next series are caves in the rocks.  I approached the largest cave and looked inside.  I could not see the end of the cave.  I could see that the cave had been recently used.  I did not want to fight with its current occupant and decide not to go inside.  I am not sufficiently skilled with my camera to take a good picture.

There is ample evidence of human activity to know that these rock formations are not totally natural.

Here is an example of an under-fall.  It cannot be seen because of the lichen and moss, but these stones are rich in quartz.

Again, evidence of human activity.

Looking down into a gorge.

To the north and northwest of this brook is Millstone Hill.  I found a number of cairns on the hill.  A few were over three feet tall.  The most stunning and curious feature was a walled-in area.  It was long, perhaps a couple of thousand feet, by about twenty feet wide.  The walls were among the best built that I have ever seen.  The stones were tightly fitted with a height of four feet.  The wall was about three to four feet thick, with small stone in the center.  There has never been a house or farm anywhere near this wall.  The end of the wall is the brook where the series of photographs on this page begin.