Native American Artifacts from Snake Meadow Hill

On June 26, I visited the northernmost quarry on Snake Meadow Hill.  This quarry is different from the rest, in that many of the cuts of granite were done by an unusual method.  Most cuts on other quarries were made by drilling a series of holes in the granite and then forcing wedges into the holes until the piece broke away.  Many of the cuts were made without drilling.  Near the quarry, I found an interesting boulder that was propped on stones.  I found a semicircular pile of stones with the boulder on one side.  I am not sure if this was Native American or part of the quarry.  One of the stones has a strange cut in it.


I continued walking to the northeast and found some split stones.  As I examined the stone, I realized that this was just one of a series of stones forming a line.  Notice the stone in the distance at top center.

The next stone was split.  The fact that there were so many split stones in a row made me curious.

Yet another split stone.

This stone has a strange shape.

This broken segment is removed from the original stone.

More stones in a row. 

Here is a row of small stones forming a pile.

Another split stone.

Another split stone that is almost buried.

Here is a clean cut that looks almost as if it was cut.

The top of a buried rock pile in the row of stones.