Stony Brook Beaver Apartments

Near the railroad grade is a large swamp created by a beaver dam near the arch bridge.  Several hundred feet upstream is a large beaver house.  I have taken a number of pictures from different angles and locations.  When I got to the dam, I noticed a number of trees were in the process of being cut.

On the south side of the trail, in a swampy area, there is a beaver house, or more appropriately, a beaver apartment.  These were taken across the swamp with a telephoto lens.  As I took the last picture, I saw a man walk near to the house.  He is about six feet tall, so it will give you an idea of the size of the house.  In the future, I will go out to where he was standing and take some pictures.

The next four pictures are taken from the other side of the beaver house about two weeks later.

The remaining pictures show beaver forestry!  Although many of the trees are white pine, some trees are oak.  That is probably why they have not yet been cut.

I think that I have taken enough pictures of this beaver house.  Maybe, someday, I can get a picture of the beaver!

It is May 1 and I decided to check up on the beaver house.  It has not changed very much.

It is August 28.  While at the bird sanctuary, I looked for the beaver house and could not find it.  I looked very close and discovered that it was covered with brush that was growing on the mud.  The water level is very low and it is no longer surrounded by water.  I will take another picture this fall.

Winter arrived and passed.  The pictures below were taken February 26 from two different angles from the bird sanctuary.

The picture below was taken March 12.

This picture was taken March 19.