Sunsets offer some of the most beautiful colors that we will ever see.  Sometimes, it is not the clouds that have the colors, but the objects that are illuminated by the setting sun.  On April 27, 2010, the sky was still overcast from a rainstorm, when the sun was visible just as it set.  The leaves had not yet become their normal dark green, but were still light green.  It was just right to get some beautiful pictures.

Looking into the setting sun.

On May 26, a cold front came through.  Towering cumulous clouds developed and eventually became thunderstorms.  These pictures were taken looking east at almost sunset.  Because the clouds were so high, they were still illuminated even though it was getting dark.  These pictures show the series of events.

On June 15, the sun was behind the trees and I saw this piece of a contrail. 

There was one puffy cloud beside a crescent moon.

July 8, the setting sun through the pine trees.

On July 10, I looked out the window and noticed a bright red sky.  By the time I got outside, the sky had dimmed, but I still got one good picture.