As you may know from my earlier pictures, I like big things.  Here are some pictures of trains.  I took them as quickly as my camera could take them until I got sick of taking pictures.  The train had four engines and it was very long!

I got some more pictures of another train.  The above pictures were taken from a hill overlooking the lake.  These pictures were taken at the entrance to the lake.

This time, I found some workers making repairs to the tracks.

The above picture was taken from where the old railroad grade crosses the railroad track.  A few weeks later, I was on the old railroad grade, looking down on the tracks.  I saw a train going in the opposite direction from the train above.  Because of my perspective, the motion of the train caused a slight blur.  There is a Gilford engine, followed by a Pan-Am engine, which was too blurred to use, and then a grey engine with no markings.

Another train heading north.  It was an overcast and foggy day!

August 7 was overcast at 8:00 AM, when I took these pictures.  It is unusual to see an engine parked on a siding with nobody around.

It was impossible to get close enough to photograph the whole engine.  It was only feet from the trees.

On August 14, I was standing beside the tracks when I heard the train coming.  I did not have time to relocate, so I took pictures where I was standing.  The engineer tooted at me.  This was a short train with only two engines and no cars.  In my first photo, the train is several hundred feet away.  It was moving faster than normal.

It was so close that I could not get a good picture.

After the train passed, I continued to photograph.  The back looked like the front, but without lights.

As it passed the signal, it was still red above green.  It changed to red above red and then went dark.

The train rounded the corner and disappeared.

In the series of pictures above, there were only two engines in the train.  A few weeks later, I was at the arch bridge and heard a train approach.  By the time I reached the tracks, a single engine had passed.  I took a couple of pictures of the train as it passed into the distance.  The pictures are unusual because the smokestack is about a mile away.  To the left of the train is a car with its lights on.  Just as soon as the train passed, it left.  I suspect that I was not the only one photographing the passing engine.

I photographed this train for over a mile and this was the best picture!