Trains 11

All of these pictures were taken on October 27, 2012.  It was a foggy day and I do not usually even take my camera because the pictures are usually not very good.  The picture below is the original picture.  When I first examined the picture, I did not notice the object above and to the right of the train.

Below is the cropped version of the above picture.

The picture below was taken one second later.  Notice the two objects above the train.

This is the cropped version of the above picture.

No other unusual objects were observed.  The train literally came out of the fog.

After the train passed, I proceeded down the abandoned trolley line to the road leading to the town beach.  About a half hour after seeing the first train, another train followed.  It had five engines!  Following the engine was a freight car and scores of tanker cars carrying highly flammable liquid, probably ethanol.