I had planned to wait until spring before starting this page, but I saw something so interesting that I could not wait.  This year, pine trees have had a bumper-crop of pine cones.  Below are two pictures of the tops of pine trees.  Notice the abundance of cones.  I wonder how many new trees will result.

There is often only a small distinction between flowers and trees.  Sometimes trees can be as colorful as flowers.

There is so much color in the springtime.  And springtime is about the future!

I was not sure where to put this picture.  It is a tree-house for either a bird or some rodent.

This tree is a tribute to the struggle for life.  In some of my earliest memories, I remember this tree.  It sits at the end of the pond which was photographed many times for this site.  This is a swamp maple.  I estimate that it is 66 years old.  The center of the tree is completely rotted.  During the storm of 2008, (Pictures of a storm) it was almost completely destroyed.  Every branch, and every twig was removed.  All that stood was a mangled piece of wood that was once a tree.  And yet, today, there are branches and leaves at the very top of the tree.  It is struggling for one more day, one more month, or one more year, of life.  Maybe it will last till the next ice storm, or maybe the wind will bring it down.  Or maybe, somebody with a chain saw will take it down.  It makes me think of an O'Henry story entitled "The Last Leaf."  If this tree can cling to life, then so can I!

Sumac tree August 2011.