This page is for wildlife near my house.  My camera only has a 3x telephoto lens, so I have to use digital editing to get a close-up of the creature that I photographed.  I would like to get a picture of every creature found in these woods.  I almost got a picture of the neighborhood bear, but missed it by a few seconds.

These are a couple of ducks.

And here are a couple of geese.

They like being together.

The geese moved on to another ice cap.

And here is a digital close-up.

March 20, the first day of spring.  I decided to take a few pictures of the other stone arch bridge on the old railroad grade.  It is not as big as the first, but still very impressive.  As I approached the bridge, I noticed a small swamp that had been filled with water by the beavers.  Unsatisfied with my view from the grade, I went down to the water's edge to try to get some interesting pictures.  I found nothing unusual until I looked at the tree tops.

I used the telephoto lens to get a closer view.  As I took these pictures, I was looking almost directly into the sun.  On the top of the dead white pine trees are two very large bird nests.

I used digital enhancement to get a better look.

I walked around the pond to get a better view.

I got another shot from the railroad grade.  The nest is not very noticeable from the grade because it blends into the background.

If any person can identify this nest, please contact me.

This is a harmless creature slithering through the leaves.

This creature was about one inch in diameter.

I found another garter snake.  This one lives just outside my house.

He seems more curious than frightened of me.

This snake was right outside my front door.  I almost stepped on him.  He does not seem too friendly.  It looks like a common water snake that ate too much.

He seemed to slide down the hill rather than slither.  I really think he ate too much.

The following day, the snake had returned.  Two days later, I got some more photos.

But, there was a surprise.  The snake had a baby snake.  I did not know that snakes take care of their young.

This picture was taken at dusk.  I would say that they were keeping each other warm, except that they are cold blooded and the temperature was over 80.

A more pleasant animal is the duck.  It is almost impossible to get close to them, but I was able to sneak up on them because they were looking in the other direction.

When they noticed me, they swam away.

They went past the beaver house.  At the top center of the picture is a Canadian Goose.

The female decided to take a left turn.  Maybe there was a sale on bugs!

Yes, I know an ant is not wildlife, but where else should I put it?  It ruined the picture of the flower!

He found a friend!

I captured something (on film) to eat the insects!

Here is a new born turtle on its way to the water.

It looks so big and fierce.  I wonder if the snake is going to eat it.

I saw this on Stony Brook, near the beaver dam.  I think it is a Great Blue Heron.  It was quite a distance from me.