Part 10

I took the picture of this miniature daisy.  It is only about an inch in diameter.  Just above and to the right, I notice something strange, but it was blurred. 

So, I photographed with the focus on these objects.  They look like mosquitoes for plants.  Just beside the two large ones are a bunch of small ones.

I had to get something to eat the bugs!

I got some more pictures of insects and something to eat them.

Here is a dragon fly.  I had to photo this from a distance because they are afraid of people.  Dragon flies eat mosquitoes!

These little creatures are no fun when they are chasing you, but on a web page, they are quite pretty!

Bumblebees are furry little creatures.  They love flowers!

I took some pictures of pond lilies.  Lily pads make good frog stools.  (Mushrooms make good toad stools!)

Nearby, I heard a deep "gollummm" and took a picture.

Upon close examination, I found a giant bull frog hiding behind a blade of grass.  I wonder how many bugs he eats each day.