Part 11

Another insect!

And ladybugs!  (They bite!)

This year I decided to have a garden, so that I would have plenty of food for the winter.  I planted the seeds, and each day, I watched and waited for them to break the ground and start growing.  Once, they broke, I checked them every couple of hours.  I was so excited to see them grow.  They were almost like pets.  Then, a couple of days ago, I checked and some of them had been eaten.  I knew that a family of woodchucks had moved into the area.  Of all the thousands of acres of untouched land, with grass, clover and other tasty foods, they chose my garden.  Today, as I returned from a very long walk, I saw the woodchuck just standing there.  I was so angry that I decided to shoot him!  I aimed my camera and took my best shot.  Then I threw the junk mail that I had just picked up from my mailbox at him.  He scurried away!