Part 12

The Great Blue Heron

These pictures were taken from the old railroad grade, just south of the small arch bridge.  Below is a photograph of a beaver swamp.  Near the center of the picture, just below the tree line is the nest.

This is a close up.

From the water lever, two nests can be seen.  The nest to the left is the occupied nest.  These trees died when the water level was too high.

If you look carefully, you can see two beaks. 

There are four little birds in the nest.  They are hungry!

I went to another location.  Just as I was aiming my camera, the Great Blue Heron arrived.

The Great Blue Heron flew away and left the young.  I took one more photograph.

NOTE:  My camera has only a three power telephoto lens.  I did not have a tripod and the camera does not have stabilization.  This was a difficult shoot.