Part 14

The road to town

June 26, I took the road to town, as I do each week.  Usually, I come back with pictures of flowers, but this week, I came back with pictures of wildlife.

On the old railroad grade, I saw a red squirrel.  This is the first time I have ever got a decent picture of this rodent.

This is a moth and not a butterfly.  Most people hate moths, but I find beauty in them.

I found this ugly little bug on a beautiful rose.  Once he was out of the visible portion of the rose, I took another picture.

Of course, after posting a few insects, I am obliged to post something to eat them!  Ducks!

I like to take pictures of parents caring for their young.  In these wildlife section, I have a water snake and its young, geese and their goslings, and the Great Blue Heron.  It is difficult to get close ups because wild animals do not like humans near their young.  On this day's trip to the bird sanctuary, I was just about to leave when I saw the Great Blue Heron soar past me.  As I looked for the Heron, I noticed the family of ducks.  I hid in the brush and they did not see me.  I watched them feed with their nearly full grown duckling and I took as many pictures as I could.  The photo quality is not good, but the picture quality is good.  I hope that you enjoy this series of pictures.