Part 21

It is the beginning of autumn.  As I walked to my mailbox, I found a garter snake.  Garter snakes do one of three things when discovered.  Some go away as quickly as possible.  Others freeze, hoping that they will not be noticed.  Others pretend to be venomous to frighten away people.  This snake froze and I got some good close ups.  After taking a few pictures, a car came, so I touched its tail and it slithered off into the woods.

Some turkeys came to visit.  They crossed what used to be my pond and went into the woods.

More geese planning the trip south.  As I passed the school, they were waiting for orders.  After visiting the old railroad grade, visiting the beach and then crossing over the hill in the background I was returning to this point.  I was crossing a brook behind the school when I heard the horrible screaming as they took off.  The V-formation passed directly over me.  I wonder if any of these were the family that I photographed this spring and summer as they tended their young.  I wonder what will become of that loving family.