My first UFO!

On the morning of October 27, 2012, I took some photos of the train as it passed near the old railroad grade.  It was a foggy morning which made for some interesting pictures.  My camera is set up to take three pictures at a time with about a second between pictures.  When I processed the pictures for this web site, I noticed something strange.  Keep in mind that less than a second passed between pictures.  The two pictures below are compressed and a mark indicates the location of the objects.  Another picture was taken six seconds later and had nothing but the train.

I have determined that the objects could be one of four things:  a spaceship full of Martians, giant insects, superbirds, or drones. 

Martians?  I don't think so! 

Giant insects could be possible, but from where? And why has nobody else seen them?  Insects are rare in October. 

Superbirds would have to be very fast.  It moved over a hundred feet in a second.  There were geese and ducks around on that day, but they usually fly in formation, even just two of them. 

Drones are very likely.  About a half hour later, a train with scores of tanker cars full of ethanol passed this point.  For those who are not familiar with drones, they are small airplanes that are operated by remote control and have surveillance devices. 

If you have another explanation, let me know.  For now, they remain unidentified fly objects, or UFOs!



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