Directory of Photographs

I have divided my photographs into sections so that the viewer will not be overwhelmed by the many pictures.  There are well over one thousand pictures.  Pick the category that is of the most interest to you and start there.

Some of these pictures were taken and placed on this site because of artistic qualities.  It is a way to express my creativity, but most of the pictures were placed on this site because I want to share some beauty that I have beheld.  The pictures of the geese show the beauty of primitive and unconditional love.  It transcends artistic qualities and despite the poor quality of the pictures, I have included them and consider them among my best.    Updated 06/29/2010

Old pictures    Updated 02/15/2010 These are pictures taken with my old camera over a period of the last ten years.  Where possible, I will re-photograph them with my new camera and post them elsewhere in this site.

Boulders-East    Updated 02/15/2010

Boulders-East-1    Updated 02/15/2010

These are pictures of boulders to the east of my house.

Boulders-South    Updated 02/15/2010

These are pictures of boulders to the south of my house.

Boulders-west    Updated 02/15/2010

These are pictures of boulders to the west of my house.

Boulders-Elsewhere    Updated 02/20/2010

These are pictures of boulders at other places.

These are pictures of the ice storm December 2008

Pictures of storm    Updated 02/15/2010

The storm of February 16, 2010 was the first storm since getting my new camera.  I took over a hundred pictures of snow scenes.  For a picture to be of real value, it must show something that the viewer has never seen.  Or it can show something that the viewer has seen, but with a different point of view.  Or the pictures can tell a story.  Everybody has seen snow, and most people are sick of it.  There are only so many points of view to show snow and they have all been done.  So, I have selected seven pictures that show a sunrise over a frozen pond and a flowing brook.

Sunrise after snow    Updated 02/17/2010

The morning of February 17, I took about 60 pictures.  I was so sick of snow that I put most of them in the recycle bin.  Instead of permanently deleting them, I put them into a folder marked trash.  Today, June 18, the temperature is over 80 and suddenly, these pictures do not look so bad.  WARNING:  Do not look at these pictures on a cold day!  If I were making a calendar, I would put pictures like this in July and August.  In January and February, I would put pictures of beaches!

Pictures of a storm 2    Updated 06/18/2010

A walk through the winter snow 2011.

Winter wanderings    Updated 04/21/2011

Pictures of a storm 3    Updated 11/16/2011

Pictures of a storm 4    Updated 12/27/2012

These are pictures of one of my favorite places.  I am not completely satisfied with these pictures and will replace them when I get new pictures.  I have separated the beaver house pictures onto another page.

Old Railroad Grade    Updated 05/13/2010

Old Railroad Grade 2    Updated 08/22/2010

Old Railroad Grade 3    Updated 12/21/2010

Old Railroad Grade 4    Updated 12/21/2010

Old Railroad Grade 5    Updated 04/23/2011

Old Railroad Grade 6    Updated 11/16/2011

Old Railroad Grade 7    Updated 03/11/2012

Village Dam on Stony Brook    Updated 03/31/2012

Beaver Apartments    Updated 04/24/2011

Beaver Apartments 2    Updated 12/11/2011

After leaving the old railroad grade and the beaver apartment, sometimes I go into town.  The road has an interesting optical illusion.

The Road to Town    Updated 03/09/2010

I am submitting a series of photographs of the brook near my home.  I thought about different ways to present the hundreds of photographs that show this beautiful brook.  I intend to exhibit about a mile of brook during the four seasons of the year.  In each section, I will show just a few pictures from each season, so that the reader can see the changes with seasons.  In some cases, the pictures did not come out as well as I had hoped.  If they are part of the story, I will include them.  If I can get a better picture at a future date, then I will replace the inferior quality picture.  Otherwise, I will leave it.

Down the Brook 1    Updated 03/03/2010

Down the Brook 1 Summer    Updated 08/19/2010

Down the Brook 1 Autumn    Updated 12/21/2010

Down the Brook 2    Updated 03/20/2010

Down the Brook 2 Summer    Updated 08/22/2010

Down the Brook 2 Autumn 1    Updated 12/23/2010

Down the Brook 2 Autumn 2    Updated 12/23/2010

Down the Brook 3    Updated 03/08/2010

Down the Brook 3 Summer    Updated 06/04/2010

Down the Brook 3 Autumn    Updated 12/23/2010

Down the Brook 4    Updated 02/24/2010

The beaver pond    Updated 08/13/2011

The beaver pond 2    Updated 11/15/2011

The beaver pond 3    Updated 12/08/2011

The beaver pond 4    Updated 06/02/2012

These are pictures of the pond.  There are photographs from all seasons.

The Pond    Updated 05/02/2010

The Pond 2  Autumn    Updated 12/19/2010

The Pond 3    Updated 11/16/2011

The Pond 4    Updated 03/04/2012

The Pond 5    Updated 06/02/2012

The Pond 6    Updated 08/07/2012

This is where I will put pictures of wildlife seen in the nearby woods.

NOTE:  I am not afraid of anything in the woods, except maybe the sickness rabies, but I have learned that some people have phobias about various creatures.  I am giving warning to those people of what they will find.    Updated 08/22/2010

Wildlife    Birds, snakes, turtles, insects, spiders    Updated 05/15/2010

Wildlife 2 Geese    Updated 05/17/2010

Wildlife 3 Geese    Updated 05/19/2010

Wildlife 4 Geese    Updated 05/20/2010

Wildlife 5 Turkey    Updated 05/22/2010

Wildlife 6 Insects, toads, birds   Updated 05/28/2010

Wildlife 7 Turtles   Updated 05/26/2010

Wildlife 8 Turtles    Updated 05/28/2010

Wildlife 9 Geese    Updated 05/28/2010

Wildlife 10 Insects, birds, frogs   Updated 06/13/2010

Wildlife 11 Insects, woodchuck   Updated 06/19/2010

Wildlife 12 The Great Blue Heron    Updated 06/20/2010 

Wildlife 13 Insects, spiders, birds, turtles   Updated 07/01/2010

Wildlife 14 Ducks    Updated 06/27/2010

Wildlife 15 Snakes, insects, cat, turtles   Updated 07/30/2010

Wildlife 16 Flight of the Bumble-bee    Updated 08/03/2010

Wildlife 17 Geese    Updated 08/06/2010

Wildlife 18 Birds, snakes, frogs    Updated 08/22/2010

Wildlife 19 The Barred Owl    Updated 04/20/2012

Wildlife 20 Birds, bugs, and chipmunks    Updated 09/15/2010

Wildlife 21 Snakes and birds    Updated 09/26/2010

Year 2011

Wildlife 22 Geese and goslings    Updated 06/25/2011

Wildlife 23 Birds, bugs and toads    Updated 06/26/2011

Wildlife 24 Pregnant northern water snake    Updated 06/27/2011

Wildlife 25 A tree frog and a rabbit    Updated 08/16/2011

Wildlife 26 Birds and bugs    Updated 09/04/2011

Wildlife 27 Snake and salamander    Updated 09/20/2011

Wildlife 28 Blanding turtle    Updated 12/10/2011

Year 2012

Wildlife 29 Swans and ducks    Updated 03/31/2012

Wildlife 30 Geese    Updated 04/16/2012

Wildlife 31 Ducks    Updated 05/05/2012

Wildlife 32 Birds, bugs, bears and turtles    Updated 06/02/2012

Wildlife 33 Frogs, bugs, and turtles    Updated 06/02/2012

Wildlife 34 Frogs, bug, turtles and birds    Updated 08/14/2012

Wildlife 35 Pileated woodpecker    Updated 08/18/2012

Wildlife 36 Great Blue Heron    Updated 08/19/2012

Wildlife 37 Great Blue Heron    Updated 12/16/2012

Wildlife 38 Chipmunk    Updated 12/17/2012

Wildlife 39 My deer family    Updated 12/19/2012

Wildlife 40 Birds, bugs, and frogs    Updated 12/19/2012

Trees are beautiful.  They change color through the year.  Most of the time they are green, but sometimes yellow, sometimes red, and sometimes even purple.  I have a page dedicated to trees.

Trees    Updated 08/13/2011

Apple trees are so beautiful that I dedicated a whole page to them.

Apple Blossoms    Updated 05/06/2010

Autumn Leaves 1  September 25 to October 2, 2010    Updated 12/20/2010

Autumn Leaves 2  October 9, 2010    Updated 12/20/2010

Autumn Leaves 3  October 23, 2010    Updated 12/20/2010

Autumn Leaves 4  October 30, 2010 to November 13, 2010    Updated 12/20/2010

I think that the major role of flowers is to give beauty.

Flora    Updated 05/08/2010

Flora 2    Updated 05/12/2010

Flora 3    Updated 05/18/2010

Flora 4 The road to town.    Updated 05/16/2010

Flora 5    Updated 05/18/2010

Flora 6 The road to town.    Updated 05/22/2010

Flora 7 The Daisy.    Updated 06/01/2010

Flora 8    Updated 06/01/2010

Flora 9 The road to town    Updated 06/03/2010

Flora 10    Updated 06/05/2010

Flora 11 The road to town    Updated 06/06/2010

Flora 12    Updated 06/12/2010

Flora 13 The road to town    Updated 06/13/2010

Flora 14    Updated 06/15/2010

Flora 15    Updated 06/17/2010

Flora 16 The road to town    Updated 06/19/2010

Flora 17    Updated 06/21/2010

Flora 18    Updated 06/25/2010

Flora 19 The road to town    Updated 06/27/2010

Flora 20    Updated 07/01/2010

Flora 21 The road to town   Updated 07/03/2010

Flora 22    Updated 07/12/2010

Flora 23    Updated 07/24/2010

Flora 24  The road to town    Updated 07/24/2010

Flora 25  The road to town    Updated 08/02/2010

Flora 26  Flowers go postal!    Updated 08/11/2010

Flora 27  The road to town    Updated 08/17/2010

Flora 28  The road to town    Updated 08/17/2010

Flora 29    Updated 08/20/2010

Flora 30  The road to town    Updated 08/22/2010

Flora 31    Updated 09/01/2010

Flora 32    Updated 09/06/2010

Flora 33    Updated 09/15/2010

Flora 34    Updated 09/27/2010

Flora 34  The last flowers of 2010    Updated 12/17/2010

Flora 36  The first flowers of 2011    Updated 08/09/2011

Flora 37    Updated 08/09/2011

Flora 38    Updated 08/11/2011

Flora 39    Updated 08/15/2011

Flora 40    Updated 08/16/2011

Flora 41    Updated 08/27/2011

Flora 42    Updated 10/09/2011

Flora 43    The road to town 2012    Updated 04/13/2012

Flora 44    Updated 06/04/2012

Flora 45    Updated 06/04/2012

Flora 46    Updated 09/16/2012

Flora 47    Updated 12/20/2012

This is weird!

My visit to another planet    Updated 05/03/2010

My visit to another planet 2    Updated 05/04/2010

My visit to another planet 3    Updated 05/08/2010

My visit to another planet 4    Updated 05/22/2010

My visit to another planet 5    Updated 06/16/2010

My visit to another planet 6    Updated 09/15/2010

My visit to another planet 7    Updated 10/02/2010

My visit to another planet 7    Updated 12/18/2010

My visit to another planet 9    Updated 08/14/2011

My visit to another planet 10    Updated 10/09/2011

Sunrises, sunsets and clouds.  They are flowers in the sky.

Sunset    Updated 07/12/2010

Sunset 2    Updated 08/18/2010

Sunset 3    Updated 04/29/2011

Clouds    Updated 07/09/2010

The pictures on the following page show part of a deadly storm.  The beauty of these clouds belies their devastation.

Sunset 4    Updated 11/16/2011

Sunrise    Updated 12/12/2011

Behind my house is the woodpile, where thousands of wildflowers grow.  Here are some pictures.

The woodpile    Updated 06/30/2010

I like trains.  The only time that I ever see trains is when one happens to pass while I am in this part of town.  The size still fascinates me!

Trains    Updated 12/17/2010

Trains 2    Updated 08/14/2011

Trains 3    Updated 10/24/2011

Trains 4    Updated 12/10/2011

Trains 5    Updated 02/11/2012

Trains 6    Updated 03/31/2012

Trains 7    Updated 05/02/2012

Trains 8    Updated 06/09/2012

Trains 9    Updated 08/11/2012

Trains 10    Updated 12/14/2012

UFO    Updated 12/02/2012

Trains 11    Updated 12/14/2012

Trains 12    Updated 02/02/2013

Pictures of Native American artifacts

I have found an interest series of cairns and rock piles.  They are probably the remnants of a prehistoric settlement.

Rock Piles    Updated 04/10/2010

After preparing this page, I did some research.  I found an excellent article by Mary Gage at Stone Structures of Northeastern U.S. - Prehistoric - Cairns.  After reading this, I understood the significance of the artifacts that I had seen all of my life.  I spent all day April 3 looking at objects that I had seen all of my life and understanding them as never before.  I have made an initial collection which I hope to improve in the future.

Snake Meadow Hill    Updated 04/04/2010

Snake Meadow Hill 2    Updated 05/10/2010

Snake Meadow Hill 3    Updated 07/04/2010

Snake Meadow    Updated 04/04/2010

Snake Meadow Brook    Updated 04/04/2010

Pedestal Stone    Updated 04/27/2010

Millstone Hill    Updated 04/09/2010

Millstone Hill-1    Updated 04/10/2010

There is a mysterious wall on the side of Millstone Hill.

Millstone Hill Wall    Updated 04/11/2010

I have added some photos from my past.  They are unusual and I think that they are worth viewing.  They are about my experiences in Vietnam.

Vietnam    Updated 05/31/2010